A28 (Discontinued)

Integrated Amplifier

Slim in appearance but powerfully built the A28 offers an ideal balance between power delivery and size. Sophisticated control electronics offer complete control over seven sources. 75 watts per channel provide enough drive and control for use with some of the world’s best high performance loudspeakers. The A28’s flexibility is due to its microprocessor control and intelligent software which provides unique features without compromising amplification performance.


Arcam have a long established history of building sensational amplifiers for serious music lovers. The company enjoys a world-wide reputation for producing very high performance HiFi systems at real world prices using advanced technologies and design. The new A28 75wpc integrated amplifier is Arcam’s latest offering in the mid-priced sector, offering astounding sound quality and an exceptional specification.

Using wide-band power amplifier technology and ultra stable thermal management from the range topping A38 amplifier, every detail and musical nuance is produced with breathtaking accuracy. The A28’s pre-amplifier section uses studio components that ensure extreme fidelity and ultra low noise performance.

Using all electronic control for volume and input selection mean delicate audio signals take an extremely short physical path through the A28. This design strategy also ensures long term reliability and access to advanced features such as individual input trims, independent record selection and “processor mode” for integration with AV pre-amps.

Six line level inputs are provided plus a very high quality moving magnet phono stage. Electro Magnetic Interference is damped using Arcam’s proprietary “Mask of Silence” technologies to ensure that even the smallest details in the recording are reproduced faithfully.

Technical spec

Pre-amplifier features

  • All electronic input switching for clean signal path and long term reliability
  • Studio grade volume control stage with +/- 0.05dB channel matching
  • Six line level inputs plus high quality MM phono input
  • Pre-amplifier outputs for bi-amping with Arcam power amplifiers (e.g. P38)
  • Separate line level output for second rooms etc.
  • Microprocessor control of input volume, balance etc.
  • Extra user features such as max turn-on volume, input trims, processor mode etc.

Power amplifier features

  • 75wpc continuous power output (8ohms, both channels driven)
  • 130wpc continuous power output (4ohms, 1kHz, one channel driven)
  • Fully discrete transistor power amp stages with temperature compensation
  • Current feedback design ensuring wide bandwidth for high resolution audio
  • Two pairs of individually selectable gold plated speaker outputs
  • All DC coupled signal path for enhanced bass control

Power supply features

  • Oversize toroid mains transformer
  • User switchable between 115v and 230v mains supplies
  • Dual rectified power amp supplies for reduced ground noise
  • Separate smoothing per channel to reduce crosstalk
  • Independently rectified and regulated pre-amp power supply

General Features

  • Supplied with CR90 system remote control
  • All gold plated input / output connectors
  • Large, clear 9 character VFD display
  • Size – 430mm (17") wide, 275mm (10.8") deep, 85mm (3.3") high
  • Weight 8.5kg (18.7lbs) nett, 10.4kg (22.9lbs) packed

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