What Can a Dealer Offer Me?

Arcam's authorised dealers are some of the most highly-trained and knowledgeable hi-fi and home cinema retailers around. Thanks to extensive and constant training from Arcam, they know all about our entire product range, and are thus ideally-placed to answer your questions, and advise you which of our components will best suit your needs.

They're also ready to demonstrate the Arcam advantage to you, letting you hear just how good your favourite music, movies or even TV shows can sound through a complete Arcam system, or just let you kick back and take a long listen to the products you're considering.

They can then tailor a system to your needs and your budget, suggest partnering equipment and cabling, and even set up the whole thing for you in your home if you wish.

At Arcam, we believe that the research and engineering we put into our products is there to make them serve your needs as well as possible, and surprise and delight you with just how good your favourite music can sound.

Our dealers take the same approach: yes, they're there to amaze you with what our systems can do, and inform and guide you in making the best choices, but above all what they're selling are solutions for you, not just anonymous black boxes: we, and they, want you to buy a system to give you years of enjoyment (and the occasional tingle of amazement!).

How do you make sure your dealers know what to recommend?

Arcam dealer's authorised dealers regularly attend Arcam's award-winning training courses to make sure their level of knowledge is second to none. In addition Arcam spends a great deal of time teaching for industry association training providers such as the Clarity Alliance and the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA).

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