Custom & Trade Installations

Many Arcam systems are sold as standalone set-ups, but we – and our dealers – think about the bigger picture, too: whether you want music and movies in every room of your home, or you're looking for a set-up for offices, hotels and the like, our systems are designed to interface with industry-standard control systems.

What's more, many of our dealers are trained not just to help you specify all the equipment you'll need, but also work to get it all installed and up and running exactly the way you want it.

It's all part of taking the music and movies experience beyond the dedicated 'hobby room' and into the entire home or workplace, so the whole family can enjoy great sound and vision – though if you're thinking of building a mini-cinema in your home we're more than happy to help you make that dream come true, too!

When your system is designed and installed, our specialist dealers won't sign off on the job until they – and you – are happy with every aspect of the set-up and its operation, as well as providing support, updates and upgrades in the future.

We're pretty excited about just what Arcam systems can bring to your life, and that's a passion shared by our network of specialist retailers – we want you to have just the system you need, and experience the excitement we feel every time we load a disc into one of our systems, or stream a file.