Choosing Partnering Equipment

We know you can buy a single-box system able to give you some improvements over the sound of your TV's speakers or that little iPod dock, but that's a bit like buying a one-size-fits-all sweater or suit. If you're lucky, it'll be kind of OK, but you'll always be wondering whether you could have done better.

Average isn't good enough for us, and we're happy to demonstrate just what can be done, whatever your budget.

Putting together a high performance music or movie set-up gives you the chance to tailor a complete bespoke system exactly suited to your needs.

Our dealers have the experience to suggest which other components will match well with your new Arcam sound system, from TVs or projectors to loudspeakers ideally suited to your room and the way you and your family listen and watch. And to complete the system they'll be able to advise on connecting it all up, and positioning it for the very best results.

Read more about speakers, cables and video displays in our Advice & Support section.