What Should I Take

Anyone planning to audition some new equipment needs to have one high-precision piece of equipment with them – the MkI Human Ears are still absolutely the best thing for assessing any hi-fi or home cinema system. The right sound for you is the sound you like the most – and only you can decide when you've reached that point. We're here to help you reach that point.

However, it's worth putting a little planning into your visit if you're going to get the most out of it – but don't worry, we won't expect you to turn up with a file of specifications, calculations and measurements. That's our job!

So all we need to know is the rough size of the room(s) in which you want the system to operate, and what you already have and want to replace (or keep).

It makes sense to think about what you want to achieve with the system, rather than specific components, and bringing along with you everyone who's going to be using the set-up. There's no point getting the perfect installation for your needs if your partner or kids can't work out how to use it – our dealers will be happy to demonstrate systems to the whole family.

And when it comes to choosing music or movies with which to audition potential new systems, we'd much rather you brought in the kind of stuff you listen to, rather than you trying to find the best recorded 'audiophile' content on which you can lay your hands.

Most of our dealers will have a wide range of music on offer for demonstration and auditioning, but if there's a particular kind of music you like – if you're into plainsong, say, or organ music, or military bands or musicals or thrash metal or just about anything – then bring your music along to play. Same goes for anyone else in the family with particular musical tastes – after all, we're trying to build a system you'll all enjoy.

You'll know how your favourite movies or music sound on whatever you have at home right now – our dealers are keen to show you just how much better it can be through one of our systems.

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