rWave (Discontinued)

USB music streaming dongle for rCube and rDAC-kw

The rWave+ is the perfect way to play music stored on your PC or MAC computer with the rCube or rDac. Using KLEER wireless technology for higher fidelity sound the rWave connects your computer with the rCube or rDAC-kw without the need for a conventional wireless networks  and setup routines.


rWave - USB dongle for rCube and rDac

In addition, the rWave uses dCS Asynchronous USB Technology* for even higher levels of sound quality when streaming music.

The rWave has a range of approx. 50m for whole house coverage

*see "In Detail" section.


The rWave is compatible with the following computer operating systems:

  • PC
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
  • MAC
    • OS X inc. v10.7 Lion

The rWave may also be compatible with certain versions of the Linux operating system. However, these cannot be guaranteed.

*dCS Asynchronous USB technology used under license. Patents pending GB0817141.5 and US 12/63804.

Technical spec

rWave - USB Dongle for rCube


Maximum sound quality, minimum hassle!

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