New Dolby Atmos AVRs, One-Box Systems and a boost for your iPhone6!

Fri 06 Nov 2015

New Dolby Atmos AVRs, One-Box Systems and a boost for your iPhone6!

Arcam showcases a crop of new products including two Dolby Atmos AVR models, a 2-channel AVR, 3rd generation Solo Movie & Music one-box systems and a fabulous boost to your iPhone6's battery & audio!

The AVR550 & AVR850 are, quite simply, the highest performing AVR receivers Arcam has ever made.  Featuring the latest Dolby Atmos CODECs and full HDMI2.0a/HDCP2.2 support, they represent the leading edge of home cinema entertainment.  Joining them is the two-channel SR250 which is the perfect solution for the music lover that wants an amplfier that sounds as good as the best stereo seperates but retains all the connectivity and flexibility a modern AVR delivers.  All three products feature the class-leading Dirac room correction system!

Also coming soon are the 3rd generation all-in-one systems, the Solo Movie and Solo Music providing high-quality room-filling sound in a stunningly elegant solution.  Both feature Arcam's breathtaking class G amplification, 4 HDMI inputs, coax, optical, phono & 3.5mm inputs along with an FM/DAB/DAB+ tuner and Bluetooth & network audio capability.

Finally, the brand new MusicBOOST for iPhone6 provides a remarkable audio upgrade as well as doubling the battery life and help to protect your phone - preview information here courtesy of our friends at T3.

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