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What is 'Dolby Volume'?

Mon 11 May 2009

What is 'Dolby Volume'?

The new FMJ AVR600 is the first AV receiver in the world to feature Dolby® Volume processing. While Dolby are recognized world-wide for their pioneering work in noise reduction and surround sound encoding (among other things) Dolby Volume is new and extremely useful to boot.

To best explain this very interesting new development Dolby have published a short explanation of the feature:

"Dolby Volume:

  • Solves annoying variations in volume levels in all of your entertainment media
  • Provides consistent, even listening experiences—all of the time
  • Produces reference-quality listening experiences at any volume setting

Finally, there is a solution to those annoying volume variations you experience when listening to home theater sound through your A/V receiver. With Dolby® Volume, you will enjoy consistent volume levels from all sources and devices connected to your A/V receiver—there is no need to adjust the volume when switching from one source to another. Dolby Volume also guarantees a listening experience that includes all of the elements of the original performance at any volume setting. You choose the preferred listening level and Dolby Volume does the rest."

To experience Dolby Volume for yourself book a demonstration with your local Arcam dealer and experience the new AVR600.