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Solo Neo - Stunning Reviews from the HiFi Press!

Thu 29 Jul 2010

Solo Neo - Stunning Reviews from the HiFi Press!

Arcam's Solo Neo takes much from its forerunner, the Solo Music System. However, the addition of network music files and USB playback plus a number of sonic improvements mean the Neo is a significant step forward and represents perhaps the best value all in one audiophile system the market has to offer.

Recognizing this the UK HiFi press have been busy singing the Neo's praises...

What HiFi Sound & Vision have awarded the Neo it's maximum five stars saying "...the new model expands the feature count while taking the performance up a notch too." Find the full review in the magazine's 2010 issue and, later, online at

HiFi Choice magazine have also been quick to recognise the Solo Neo's qualities in their September issue and have also awarded the Neo its maximum five stars. Highly respected reviewer Malcolm Steward pointed first to the units good looks saying "There is little argument that the Solo Neo is a strikingly good-looking piece of industrial design". Considering the unit as a whole he concludes "If you're looking for a convenient system, it seams like a no-brainer thanks to amazing performance and versatility".

The Solo Neo is on sale now from local Arcam dealers.