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KLEER – wireless audio streaming without the hassle!

Tue 26 Oct 2010

KLEER – wireless audio streaming without the hassle!

Moving music around a home without wires has long been the holy grail of audio enthusiasts. WiFi computer networks have become commonplace in homes and the prospect of music delivered using WiFi has excited many people.

Although a well-installed WiFi network has plenty of capacity for music distribution the setup required can often be frustrating, as can competing for WiFi bandwidth with your neighbors! For many the thought of endless menus, IP addresses, audio dropouts and the like have prompted them, rightly, to call in a professional installer. A few have simply (and sadly) given up!

For simple systems though one company has found a way of taking the hassle out of wireless music in the home - KLEER. Their dedicated system for audio transmission offers great sound via lossless streaming, very high resistance to interference and almost no dropouts. Perhaps more importanty it's simplicity itself to setup.

The KLEER system (as used in the Arcam rCube, rWave, rWand and wireless version of the rDac) is designed to work without the need for a traditional wireless computer network, in fact the setup usually just takes a single button press. With KLEER music can be streamed from a PC or MAC computer using the rWave USB dongle to either an rCube or wireless rDac.  Various remote control solutions allow control of your PC/MAC from smart phones and handsets so that you don’t have to be tied to the computer to hear your music.

If your music’s on an iPod, iPad or iPhone the rWand simply plugs into the 30-pin connector of your device. Once connected any music, Internet radio or other audio on your iPod, iPad or iPhone is streamed to your rCube or wireless rDac.  The KLEER dongles consume very small amounts of power so won’t drain your devices battery and has a range of up to 50m.

So if truly portable, quality music reproduction is for you check out the rCube, rDac, rWand and rWave.