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DiVA P75 (Plus) Power Amplifier (Discontinued)

The P75 Plus added onto an A65 Plus or A75 Plus is an ideal upgrade for anyone who owns a pair of bi-wireable loudspeakers. It is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to a hifi system. Based on the A75 Plus integrated amp, the P75 Plus is a very versatile product. It produces over 50 watts per channel, and the switched second set of speaker outputs allows for use in a second room making it the perfect amplifier for use in multi-room installations. An optional custom installation module (CIM) allows for remote power up and loudspeaker balance adjustment.

  • 50wpc into 8ohms (both channels driven)
  • Bi-polar circuit design
  • SANKEN “Audio” output devices, Wima polypropylene and Silmic II capacitors
  • Separate regulated rails on each input stage of the power amp

The P75 was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in silver of black finish.

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