rDock (Discontinued)

iPod Dock

rDock represents a no-compromise approach to iPod playback sound quality. The Arcam rDock is unusual in that it uses audiophile grade amplifiers to achieve the best sound quality possible. The Arcam rDock also offers full integration between iPod and Arcam’s Solo systems and selected HiFi and Home Cinema components. Seamless remote control is available from the Solo handset while displaying track and artists’ information on the amplifiers front panel display.


Arcam's Solo and rDock are the very essence of performance coupled with simplicity and convenience. The Solo music system has gained a global reputation for its real world convenience with out-of-this-world sound quality. The new rDock is the perfect add-on for those Solo customers wishing to integrate an Apple iPod with Solo. However, its sound quality alone makes rDock the ideal mate for anyone interested in achieving the best sound quality from their iPod.

rDock uses the Apple Dock connector to communicate with Solo, achieving:

  • Properly buffered audio output with high performance op-amps and low noise double regulated power supplies. –Best sound quality from an iPod dock!
  • Gold RCA sockets enabling audiophile cabling to be used
  • iPod control from Solo remote enabled by rDock connecting to the Solo’s RS232 socket, also feeds text to Solo’s front panel display
  • rDock charges the iPod whilst connected, charging can be turned off for users wishing to cycle iPod batteries
  • Video output from Video iPods available as S-Video or Composite on rDock
  • Uses Apple iPod inserts for perfect fit of iPod to rDock

Control of the music is simple, as the central control keys on the Solo operate the iPod in the same way as the iPod’s own control wheel. Listings of music by Artist, Genre, Album and Track are all available as well as feedback on transport controls such as Play, Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind.

Technical spec
  • Audiophile iPod® dock
  • High quality line level audio connection
  • Buffered RCA audio outputs
  • S-Video and Composite outputs (for Video iPod)
  • Control iPod from Solo remote
  • Display iPod info on Solo display
  • harge iPod with charge on/off control
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