FMJ T31 AM/FM RDS Tuner (Discontinued)

Quality tuner design is a long established tradition at Arcam. FM radio is capable of superb sound and because of this, Arcam have always paid particular attention to the audio stages of their tuners. In the T31, superb sound quality is combined with low distortion, good levels of sensitivity and a smart design that has been optimised for ease of use. The enclosure features a precision machined aluminium fascia and aluminium cover.


To suit any level of custom installation, the T31 has a number of useful features; including two separately buffered sets of audio outputs, rear panel inputs for standard RC-5 remote control commands (including separate on and off codes), remote on/off switching via a 12-volt trigger jack, and a front panel mounted infra red receiver for use with a normal remote control.

The T31 was supplied with the slimline CR-389 remote control, which can also be used in conjunction with Arcam FMJ CD players and amplifiers. Switchable mains voltage means it can be used internationally.

The T31 was designed in eh UK and available in silver or black finish.

Technical spec
  • High performance audio from FM
  • 30 FM presets and 16 on AM
  • Full RDS capability
  • Custom Install ready
  • Radio Data System access with RadioText
  • Greater sensitivity than any previous model
  • The ability to store 30 favourite stations on FM and 16 on AM
  • A signal strength meter to help aerial setup
  • Dimmable flourescent display to match the rest of the Arcam FMJ range
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