FMJ P25 Power Amplifier (Discontinued)

The FMJ P25 power amplifier is built around the unique amplifier technology used in the A22 integrated. Offering a high degree of insight, clarity and control the P25 is an ideal partner for the A22 in a bi-amplified system or with a C30/C31 pre-amp in a pre-power combination. Offering 100 watts per channel, the P25 drives even demanding speakers with ease an is designed to fit into modern living environments.


The FMJ P25 is built for sound quality first and foremost. Its massive power supply can deliver effortless performance. The amplifier can deliver an astonishing peak current of more than 20 Amps. Signal paths have been kept ultra short and audiophile quality components have been used throughout the design to ensure the most transparent performance.

The case uses a precision machined aluminum extrusion, a heavy gauge aluminum cover and steel chassis for maximum strength. This quality of construction gives additional benefits with reduced levels of microphony. The use of an aluminum cover also reduces low level magnetic field effects which can have a significant impact on an amplifier’s performance.

The P25 was manufactured in the UK and available in either two or three channel versions to match either two channel stereo or multi channel music or movie systems. The P25 and was designed by Arcams world class design team in the UK.

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