FMJ DV29 DVD Player (Discontinued)

The DV29 was the world’s first production DVD player with a full V1.1 specification HDMI output. With the full V1.1 implementation of the HDMI standard, the DV29 transmits digital video and up to 6 channels of high definition audio to a compatible receiver or processor. This makes it an ideal connection for surround music (e.g. DVD-Audio) and of course movie pictures.

  • World's first HDMI video and 6ch audio output
  • Audiophile DVD-Audio and CD playback
  • PAL and NTSC progressive scan video
  • Ultra accurate video output levels
  • RS232 control
  • Adjustable lip sync delays
  • Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II and DTS 5.1 decoding
  • Stunning picture and sound

The DV29’s exceptional video performance starts with the Zoran 5 MPEG decoding engine. This powerful processor offers both interlaced and motion adaptive progressive scan video of outstanding quality. The analogue video outputs use separate 12 bit, 216 MHz video DACs for best possible picture quality regardless of which output is used.

Arcam has gained a superb reputation for some of the best sounding DVD players in the world. The DV29 builds on this reputation with large improvements in sound quality for all supported discs. The unique combination of twin toroidial power transformers and Acousteel anti-resonance chassis gives the DV29 a tangible performance edge cover other players, offering true high-end audio performance from a DVD player.

To ensure system compatibility for enthusiasts and custom installers alike, IR and duplex RS232 control are fitted as standard. On-board decoding is offered for Dolby Digital 5.1 , DTS 5.1 and Dolby Pro Logic II, along with comprehensive bass management.

The DV29 was designed and manufactured in the UK and manuufactured in black or silver finish.

Technical spec


  • Zoran Vaddis 5 processor with built-in per pixel motion adaptive progressive scan engine
  • RGB SCART and component video outputs – latter supports both 480p and 576p video
  • HDMI* video, supporting the following formats: 720 (1440) x 480i, 720 x 480p, 720 (1440) x 576i and 720 x 576p in both RGB and Component forms
  • NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC conversion
  • High quality zoom function with 1.25 and 1.5 settings to fill ‘wrong aspect ratio’ screens
  • 6 x 12 bit 216 MHz Analog Devices video DACs – permitting simultaneous output of interlaced component (or RGB), S-video and composite video
  • 6 separately buffered 75 ohms video outputs, capable of driving long cables without distortion
  • Precision 0.1% resistors and DAC voltage reference for ultra accurate video output levels
  • Supports DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, VCD, SVCD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW discs plus CD, MP3, WMA, Photo CD and JPEGs


  • Full 8 channel 24bit 192kHz capable HDMI interface
  • 32-bit Zoran audio DSP for optimum fidelity
  • Top of the line 24-bit 192kHz Wolfson WM8740 DACs for all 6 audio channels
  • Separate PAL & NTSC audio delays, 0-150ms, for perfect lip sync with digital displays
  • Built-in Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS 5.1 channel decoder
  • Comprehensive bass management supported for all audio formats, including DVD-Audio, with variable crossover frequencies from 50-150Hz in 10Hz steps, plus loudspeaker delay and level setting
  • Ultra-low jitter audio clock circuitry
  • Excellent CD replay, including HDCD decoding and playback of CD layer of hybrid SACDs
  • Replays MP3 and WMA files from CD, with dedicated on-screen browser
  • Coaxial and optical digital audio outputs support 2-channel PCM up to 24-bit / 96kHz plus DTS and Dolby Digital audio


  • 4-layer fibreglass main circuit board for best audio and video performance
  • Low noise Arcam-designed switch mode power supply with TWIN toroidal mains transformers
  • Two-way RS232 control using 9-pin D-Sub serial port
  • Acousteel anti-vibration main chassis for critical resonance control
  • Additional case parts from aluminium for greater electro-magnetic performance
  • New Front panel Navigation Button simplifies disc navigation when not using remote control
  • New and improved slim-line remote control, type CR415
  • Size 430mm wide, 345mm deep, 85mm high
  • Weight 6.2kg nett
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