FMJ DT26 Digital Radio Tuner (Discontinued)

Radio was the first mass market entertainment medium, but the last of the mainstream communication technologies, to embrace the digital world. Digital Radio, or DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) as it is sometimes known, offers the listener interference free reception with an utterly silent background, as well as a huge increase in the number of stations which can be broadcast over a given frequency range. It also offers a full text service so listeners can see details of the music while listening.


Arcam took the radio world by storm and launched the world's first digital radio(the Alpha 10) for the home over a year before the consumer giants came to market. It has received rave reviews from the specialist press, and indeed many of the journalists were so impressed by the sound quality they bought the Arcam tuner for their own use.

When Arcam launched the FMJ range it was natural we would produce a matching tuner to complement our top of the range hi-fi. The DT26 Digital Tuner represented the best way of accessing high quality broadcasts in the increasing number of countries who are expanding their Eureka 147 Terrestrial Digital Radio services. In the UK, where the broadcasters are leading the world, there are more than 30 national digital only services, plus many more local services, with more planned for the future. Arcam digital tuners are used to monitor the quality of many of these stations and have become the reference standard for this exciting development.

The DT26 is very simple to use; the large rotary selector can be used to scroll through the complete list of available stations, and pre-set buttons can be assigned for your favourite stations.

The DT26 was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in a silver finish.

Note: this tuner is designed to receive Eureka 147 digital broadcasts on band 3 and L band; it is not suitable for satellite Digital Audio Broadcasts.

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