FMJ CD33 Compact Disc Player (Discontinued)

The CD33 is based on the highly regarded CD23 with a new 192K upsampling digital to analogue converter and output stages. The DAC section provides outstanding performance utilizing an Analogue Devices Upsampling processor and four Wolfson stereo DAC chips used in combination to deliver the lowest possible noise and distortion performance.

Technical spec
  • Upsampling to 192KHz allows the use of very high frequency analogue output filtering for improved phase and frequency response
  • High stability 3rd overtone clock oscillator for low jitter, to improve the stereo image and instrument placement
  • 4 x Wolfson WM8740 DACs per channel using analogue averaging between DACs to increase linearity and reduce distortion
  • DC coupled output with low offset servo control to provide deep and controlled bass reproduction
  • 4 Layer PCB with ground planes for improved low-level signal return paths and very low digital noise
  • High quality operational amplifiers from Analogue Devices and Burr Brown (AD797 and OP2134)
  • Audiophile grade decoupling capacitors (Stargate and Oscon)
  • Low dissipation factor Polypropylene capacitors in the output filters (WIMA)
  • Independently regulated analogue and digital power supplies with twin transformers (toroid for audio stages)
  • Full Acousteel chassis for precision mechanical damping
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