FMJ C30 Pre-Amplifier (Discontinued)

The C30 preamplifier is a superbly transparent music pre-amplifier and provides a level of performance and flexibility that will delight even the most demanding music enthusiast. The FMJ C30 is designed to redefine the performance level of audio reproduction. Partnered with the FMJ P1 Monobloc Power Amplifier, it represented the pinnacle of Arcam’s quest for ultra-high quality music reproduction at the time.


At the heart of the C30 is an ultra sophisticated power supply section with multi-stage regulation and a massive toroidal transformer which combine to produce the quietest and most stable environment for handling high definition audio signals. This low noise supply ensures a rock solid soundstage in much the same way as a tripod provides a base for exceptionally clear and detailed photographs. Many music enthusiasts have extensive and treasured vinyl collections. Because of this, the C30 comes complete with a very high-quality phono stage module for moving coil and moving magnet cartridges.

The C30 preamplifier uses Arcam’s sophisticated software system control that allows the user to switch inputs without changes in volume level, and to choose volume control settings and display options. The C30 uses carefully selected audiophile grade components throughout. Critical components also benefit from the application of sorbothane dampening material to minimise the microphonic effects that can mask low level detail in the music. The multi-layer chassis incorporates a special vibration dampening material called Acousteel that has been used with great success in other FMJ products.

The C30 comes equipped with both single ended and balanced output stages. Most people will use the single ended phono outputs to connect to an adjacent power amplifier; however, where long cable runs are used in conjunction with Arcam’s P1 monobloc amplifiers, better results can be obtained by using the XLR balanced outputs provided. The C30 also incorporates a separate high quality headphone output that is driven by a separate headphone amplifier section.

The preamplifier is fully controllable with the Arcam system remote and also features a standby state to enable the C30 to be switched on or off from the comfort of your favorite armchair. Moreover, it can provide a 12-volt trigger output to turn on compatible Arcam power amplifiers.

The C30 was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in black or silver finish.

Technical spec
  • Reference quality 2 channel pre amplifier
  • Completely DC coupled for highest level of signal integrity
  • Buffered balanced and unbalanced audio outputs (for driving longer cables)
  • Single stage phono pre amp for MM/MC cartridges
  • Large core low flux density toroid-based power supply
  • Upgrade path for multi-channel audio
  • Front panel display and menu-driven user interface
  • Contactless electronic control of input switching of volume levels
  • Acousteel critically damped chassis for reduced microphony
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