A18 (Discontinued)

Integrated Amplifier

The A18 combines the latest component technologies and Arcam’s refined and careful engineering design approach to produce an incredibly natural sound from any music source. An ideal partner for the CD17 CD player, the A18 is designed to be a powerful and musical amplifier and is constructed with outstanding build quality for its price. The A18 is the perfect choice for people looking for an amplifier offering exceptional music reproduction as part of an affordable system.


The A18 represents an ideal introduction to true Hi-fi amplification. It’s sleek design, flexible connectivity and powerful amplifier stages deliver a level of reproduction far beyond that of “budget” separates systems. Using the latest in amplifier technology plus over thirty years of audio design experience the A18 is an astounding amplifier, true to Arcam’s tradition of affordable excellence.

Using very high quality components and carefully designed multi-layer PCBs the A18 is designed for performance from the ground up. Connectivity is highly flexible allowing direct connection of seven line level sources including a dedicated 3.5mm front panel jack socket for portable music players.

Operation of the A18 is simplicity itself. A rotary encoder allows precise control over volume and other selections such as tone controls and balance. This means delicate audio signals need not travel to and from the front panel or through potentially noisy mechanical potentiometers or switches.

The A18s large power supply uses a toroid transformer which ensures an extremely quiet backdrop to music and superb stability during large bass transients. The chassis features a damped “Sound Dead Steel” construction virtually eliminating mechanical influences on the electronics.

As part of Arcam’s FMJ line of high performance separates, the A18 is an ideal partner for the new CD17 CD player.

Technical spec


  • Logic controlled input/output switching for accurate quiet operation
  • Precise electronic control of volume bass and treble
  • Processor mode for use with AV processors/receivers


  • Six RCA Phono line level rear panel inputs – plenty for even complex systems
  • Additional front panel line level input (3.5mm stereo jack) for portable music players
  • High quality Moving Magnet phono input with grounding post
  • Two tape outputs on RCA Phono for CD recorders / PVRs
  • Pre-amp output for adding additional power amplifiers or bi-amping with P38
  • Front panel headphones jack on 3.5mm socket

Power Amplifier

  • 50wpc continuous power output (two channels driven, 8 ohm load)
  • Oversize heatsink ensuring cool running
  • Dual layer PCB enabling optimum circuit design in all areas

Power supply

  • Toroid mains transformer
  • High capacity power supply with "star earthing" for minimal ground noise
  • Switchable mains power inlet 110-120v / 220-240v


  • Supplied with CR10 system remote control
  • All gold plated connectors
  • Large, clear 9 character VFD display
  • Size – 430mm (17") wide, 332mm (13.1") deep, 85mm (3.3") high
  • Weight 7.2kg (15.9lbs) nett, 9.1kg (20.1lbs) packed

One of the best all-round amplifiers at the price

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