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Arcam has achieved a global reputation for producing state of the art home cinema electronics that excel in both movie and music reproduction. Arcam have developed numerous world-class products for the AV market having been involved in home cinema since the mid nineties.

The AVR500 is based on Arcam’s all new high definition AV platform that was crafted in Cambridge, UK over three years of intensive research and development. The outstanding reception already given to the first two products using the platform, the AVR600 Receiver and AV888 Pre-Amp Processor, suggests that the AVR500 will also set new world standards for audio quality in its price range.

The massive feature set provided by the bigger AVR600 is not required for every home cinema installation and so the AVR500 is able to preserve the core performance of the AVR600 by deleting some of the less used connectivity. Removing the network card for Internet Radio, streaming and IP control capability has reduced construction complexity and cost. In addition the number of legacy video and audio outputs and multi-room connections have also been reduced recognising the move in many systems to predominantly digital connectivity.

The AVR500’s seven-channel amplifier is rated at 100 watts (all channels driven) but its massive power supply ensures that it can drive even highly demanding loudspeakers without strain. Being fully equipped for the high definition world the AVR500 decodes all the latest Dolby and DTS high definition audio standard with phenomenal precision.

The AVR500 offers customers the highest level of Arcam performance and sound quality at a lower price by reducing the feature set and absolute power output. However, no compromise has been made in the essential ability of all Arcam AV electronics to produce a level of sound quality that will bring movies and music to life like no other manufacturer.

Technical specifications

Analogue Audio

  • Audiophile quality components for best sound quality
  • Multi-channel 7.1 analogue input for DVD-A or SACD sources
  • Stereo direct mode bypasses and disables all digital processing for 2 channel analogue sources
  • 8 stereo analogue inputs (including front 3.5mm AUX input)
  • Zone 2 stereo audio, from analogue inputs (Source and volume control independent from main zone)
  • Support for iPod via Arcam rLead / rDock (independent of RS232 connection)

Digital Audio

  • State of the art Analog Devices ADSP-21366 & ADSP-21367 DSPs for surround decoding
  • Crystal Semiconductor DACs, stereo ADC and precision electronic volume controls
  • Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital+, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS HD Master Audio*
  • DTS High Resolution Audio, DTS-ES Discrete, DTS-ES Matrix, DTS96/24, DTS Neo:6**
  • Dolby Volume gain management and Tonal correction processing*
  • Dolby Volume processing for balancing of program material gain and tonal balance
  • Adjustable crossover switching 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, 150Hz
  • 8 digital inputs 4 rear optical, 3 co-axial, 1 front 3.5mm optical AUX input
  • Global audio delay, adjustable from 0-1000 milliseconds, to compensate for video processing delays in digital displays and sources with auto lip-sync for compatible displays


  • 5 HDMI inputs (up to 1080p, Deep Colour)
  • 2 HDMI outputs (up to 1080p, Deep Colour)
  • 3 Component inputs, one monitor output (up to 1080i)
  • 2 S-video inputs, one monitor output
  • 2 Composite video inputs, one monitor output
  • Full video up/down conversion & frame rate conversion of all inputs where technically allowed
  • Video enhancements (per input): Edge enhancement, Mosquito noise reduction, Random noise reduction, Block noise reduction

Custom Install Features

  • Independent Zone 2 (audio & video), with fixed/variable volume
  • RC-5 remote input jacks for both zones
  • IP control over Ethernet (with optional Ethernet module)
  • IR pass through for source components
  • Full suite of discrete IR RC-5 codes, including separate on / off etc
  • 12Volt triggers, on / off for zones 1 and 2
  • Full duplex RS232 control input for more complex control systems 
  • Audio streaming and Internet radio via Ethernet port (with optional Ethernet module)


  • Supplied with back-lit CR102 learning remote
  • Control with support for up to 7 other components and a huge on-board code library
  • Large, high contrast dimmable VFD front panel display
  • User switchable between 120 & 230 volt
  • Mains supplies
  • Size – 435mm (17.1in) wide, 440mm (17.3in)
  • Deep, 185mm (7.3in) high
  • Weight 22kg (48.5lbs) nett, 27kg (59.5lbs) packed

A level of sound quality that will bring movies and music to life like no other manufacturer

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