DiVA DT91 DAB/FM Tuner (Discontinued)

As the first company in the world to produce a domestic Digital Radio tuner, Arcam played a pioneering role in the rollout of DAB digital radio. Its digital radio receivers, all engineered and produced in the UK, have gained a reputation as some of the best sounding in the world and now, with the introduction of the DT91 are the most controllable too!


The DT91 uses state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the very best radio quality from DAB and FM broadcasts. All digital processing using a powerful DSP delivers crystal clear reception regardless of the broadcast method. The DAC and output stage designs use Arcam’s audiophile methodology and are fed from a toroid based power supply.

In addition to its world-class audio performance, the DT91’s connectivity and control features are also state of the art. It’s fully duplex RS232 control input, a first for domestic DAB radios, makes the DT91 perfect for custom installations using Crestron or AMX style control. For simpler systems the unit also features an IR jack input on the rear panel plus a fully featured remote handset. Outputs include two pairs of RCA phono sockets plus coaxial and optical digital outputs active with both DAB and FM.

The DT91 was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in black and silver finishes.

Technical spec
  • combined DAB & FM-RDS radio tuner
  • attractive easy-to-read graphics display
  • all digital processing for FM
  • DAB coverage for both band III and L-band
  • 16 presets, randomly assignable to DAB or FM
  • audiophile design using 24-bit Wolfson DACs
  • full remote control via RS232 or IR
  • digital output from DAB or FM
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