DiVA DT81 DAB Tuner (Discontinued)

Tuner design is a long established tradition at Arcam. Experience counts when it comes to manufacturing Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) tuners, and where most manufacturers were on their first, Arcam was on its third generation and had already sold more in the UK than all other manufacturers put together.


The arrival of Digital Radio offers the listener interference free reception with an utterly silent background, an end to confusing frequencies and an ever-growing choice of new, digital only stations.

Arcam's stylish replacement for the Alpha 10 tuner is the DT81, which receives DAB programmes on both Band 3 and L-Band and sets new standards in both sound quality and ease of use. It has 16 presets for storing favorite stations and auto select dialing, in addition to viewing all available stations alphabetically. An FM tuner bypass function is included. As part of the DiVA range, the DT81 comes in the standard silver or black. All elements of operation are blindingly simple, and the top quality dot-matrix Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) is 20 characters wide allowing for greater clarity.

The Importance of L Band

All Arcam DAB tuners feature advanced L Band reception. While this is essential for overseas transmissions, it is increasingly likely to be coming into use in the UK as the current Band III reaches capacity. Adding L Band to a DAB tuner is an expensive option, due to the complexity of the RF stages needed to get the best possible sensitivity and selectivity; however, owners of budget DAB tuners without this option will not be able to receive any of the proposed new L Band services making their components effectively obsolescent.

The DT91 was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in black and silver finishes.

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