DiVA CD93 (T) CD Player (Discontinued)

Arcam has a long and distinguished history of getting the best out of CD replay and the CD93 represents a significant advance in sound quality, making it one of the finest CD players of its day. The player excels at bringing out low-level detail from the music and has a wonderfully deep and stable soundstage.The DAC module is designed using the best audiophile grade components, including an Analog Devices sample rate converter, four top of the range Wolfson DACs and a four-layer fibreglass printed circuit board (PCB). Considerable use is made of modern surface mounted components, while the extra PCB layers ensure the best possible layout and allow grounding to be optimised.


In order to extract all of the fine detail and depth of sound absent from many other high-end designs, the CD93 uses sophisticated design techniques to ensure that factors such as clock accuracy and jitter, power supplies, digital filters and audio output stages are all optimised. In addition, the strong steel chassis incorporates "Acousteel" sound damping material for better control of low-level vibrations that can blur the sound.

Used in conjunction with a top quality amplifier, such as Arcam's award-winning A85, the CD93 can deliver a stunning musical performance to satisfy the most demanding listeners.

The CD93 was designed in the UK and available in black or silver finishes.

Technical spec
  • Upsampling to 192kHz allows the use of very high frequency analogue output filtering for improved phase and frequency response
  • High stability 3rd overtone clock oscillator for low jitter, to improve the stereo image and instrument placement
  • 4 x Wolfson WM8740 DACs per channel using analogue averaging between DACs to increase linearity and reduce distortion
  • DC coupled output with low offset servo control to provide deep and controlled bass reproduction
  • 4 Layer DAC PCB with ground planes for improved low-level signal return paths and very low digital noise
  • High quality operational amplifiers from Analogue Devices and Burr Brown (AD797 and OP2134)
  • Audiophile grade decoupling capacitors (Stargate and Oscon)
  • Low dissipation factor polypropylene capacitors in the output filters (WIMA)
  • Independently regulated analogue and digital power supplies
  • CD Text support
  • Compatible with most CD-R and CD-RW discs
  • Remote control included
  • Upgrade path available for previous Arcam DiVA series CD players
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