DiVA CD82 (T) CD Player (Discontinued)

The CD82 is the ideal half-way point between the CD72 and CD92 in the DiVA range. It is a supremely capable CD player. It incorporates state-of-the-art audiophile design techniques commonly found on players costing thousands of pounds. Early reaction from people who have heard the CD82 confirms our view that this product is destined to be a true classic and reinforces Arcam's position as Britain's leading CD manufacturer.


The CD82 uses two 24-bit 192kHz capable Wolfson DACs in a dual-mode configuration, with one DAC chip used for the left channel and one DAC chip used for the right channel. The player uses high quality Burr Brown op-amps in the output stage and the DAC module includes a high-stability Class 1 crystal oscillator.

The CD82 was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in black or silver finishes.

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