DiVA CD62 (T) CD Player (Discontinued)

The CD62 followed on from the phenomenal reaction to Arcam's CD72 which is a recognized world beating design. Arcam looked at ways of reducing the cost of producing a DiVA CD player that offers most of the CD72's performance by stripping away the upgrade path to a CD92. The power supply that is needed to support the extra circuitry of a Ring DAC is no longer required to be quite so large and is therefore cheaper. The use of a simpler and cheaper remote as well as using a less sophisticated chassis construction makes the CD62 a leaner but no less mean machine. The output stage is also simpler and uses an AC coupled output stage rather than the more sophisticated servo assisted DC coupled stage used in the CD72.


The result is a player that is a great option for anyone who wants to get the best out of their CD collection but doesn't need the extra options and refinements offered by the CD72. The CD62 is a perfect partner to the A65 plus amplifier. Together these components make an entry level DiVA system that will make a sound unbeatable at the price.

The CD62 was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in black or silver finishes.

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