DiVA AVR100 Receiver (Discontinued)

The Arcam AVR100 surround sound receiver features Dolby Digital and DTS as well as Dolby Pro Logic decoding and high quality composite and S-Video switching on four video sources. The FM/AM tuner section includes RDS and allows you to store up to 30 favourite stations on FM and 10 on AM. A stylish and fully-featured remote control is included, which also operates the main functions of the Arcam DV88 Plus DVD player.


A massive toroidal transformer is at the heart of the AVR100's superior performance on music. This massive power supply, and the use of audiophile quality components at critical points in the signal path, together give a demonstratively better sound on music sources than other AV receivers at comparable prices. Tone control circuits are included along with a direct button which by-passes these for optimum sound quality. The AVR100 is capable of delivering 70 watts to all five channels and will deliver around 90 watts per channel when used in stereo.

There is plenty of opportunity to upgrade the system's performance in the future. For example, the AVR100 has pre-amp outputs for use with matching Arcam power amplifiers such as the P85. It also includes a 5 channel input for use with multi-channel audio sources such as DVD-Audio. Most of the AVR100's functions can be accessed from the included Arcam remote control handset, which conveniently also provides the basic controls for use with Arcam's CD and DVD players.

The AVR100 also features pre- amplifier output sockets. These are ideal for further upgrading the system's sonic performance with external Arcam power amplifiers, either for extra power in a large room or by bi-amping the front channels with suitable bi-wireable speakers. The AVR 100 comes complete with a sensitive RDS tuner; offering a total of 30 FM and 10 AM presets, this is a fine performer which complements the amplifier section perfectly.

The AVR100 was available in black or silver finish.

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