DiVA A80 Integrated Amplifier (Discontinued)

Amplifiers are the bedrock of a system and Arcam's heritage is impressive in this regard ever since the company's reputation was built on the success of its first ever A60 amplifier, more than 25 years ago.


The A80 is the latest in a long line of successful Arcam hi-fi amplifier designs and represents a combination of technical excellence, flexibility, ease of use and superb sound quality that will ensure its classic status in the future.

The A80 is more than a little brother to the much acclaimed A85 amplifier. The latest amplifier in the DiVA range, the A80 incorporates many of the lessons learnt since Arcam launched the class leading A85 amplifier almost three years ago.

The current feedback topology first used in the A85 has been further improved for the A80. This technology has the ability to bring music to life and preserve the nuance of every overtone along with the power of a bass drum. The insight it provided into the music has given Arcam a boost to its already fine reputation.

The slim attractive casework of the A80 amplifier is deceptive because this compact design is no lightweight when it comes to hard driving performance. The 65 watts per channel along with a generously rated power supply section (8 ohms continuous output power, over 100 watts per channel into 4 ohms) will drive just about any loudspeaker in the marketplace.

The level of performance insight per channel and resolving power of this sophisticated amplifier is impressive. The art and science of amplifier design revolves around optimising the layout of the circuit board. Preserving the integrity of the tiniest signal requires great care in development and a rigorous measurement and exhaustive listening tests. We use the best quality parts in the signal path as well as heavy gauge cooper tracks on through-plated fibreglass circuit boards and sorpothane critical damping on key components such as the volume control chip and the reservoir caps in the power amp section.

The A80 operation is handled by a microprocessor. This allows the user access a menu that provides for a different input trim to be set for each input to compensate for the differences in output level commonly seen between sources such as CD and tuners. The A80 also has a processor function which fixes the level of the AV input so it can be used in conjunction with a home cinema set up.

All functions can be accessed from the remote control including both speaker outputs. This is a useful feature for people who want to control a second set of speakers in another room. You can switch the unit on from standby either by a 12 volt trigger or from the infra red remote mini-jack socket on the rear panel. These features are particularly useful when the A80 is used in custom installations where extra control features are required.

The six inputs include a phono input for moving magnet cartridges and a tape loop for recording. A pre-amplifier output is provided to allow the A80 to drive another power amplifier - this can be especially beneficial to bi-amplify suitable (bi-wireable) loudspeakers.

The A80 was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in black and silver finish.

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