DiVA A75 (Plus) Integrated Amplifier (Discontinued)

If you want the convenience of full remote control for volume, input selection and muting, in a slim attractive package that produces a quality of sound that stands out from the crowd, then you should consider the A75 Plus. Although it builds on the success we have enjoyed in compact integrated amplifiers for more than 20 years, this amplifier's design is completely new. The low distortion and noise performance is a major step forward for Arcam at this price level. The A75 Plus comes with an AV processor switch which fixes the gain of the front channels for use with external home cinema processors.


The A75 Plus has six inputs, including a tape loop and built-in moving magnet phono stage. Like the A85, it also has pre-amp output sockets for implementing a bi-amping upgrade with any Arcam power amplifier and suitable bi-wireable speakers. A direct button on the front panel by-passes the tone control circuits for best sound quality. The amp has twin loudspeaker outputs for two room use (one switchable) plus a headphones socket.

The amplifier delivers over 50 watts continuous power in 8 ohms and will drive most speakers with ease. The A75 Plus is an ideal product around which to build a wonderful sounding hi-fi system. It is a perfect match for the CD72 Compact Disc player and, when hooked up to some small, high quality speakers, this discreet and elegant combination will deliver an amazing sound.The system remote supplied will also control the CD player and Arcam's digital and analogue tuners for maximum ease of use.

The A75 Plus was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in black or silver finishes.

Technical spec
  • 50wpc into 8ohms (both channels driven)
  • Bi-polar circuit design
  • SANKEN Audio output devices, Wima polypropylene and Silmic II capacitors
  • Remote controlled Electronic input selection using high quality pro-audio multiplexers
  • MM Phono stage fitted as standard
  • Separate regulated rails on each input stage of the power amp
  • Remote control
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