DiVA A70 Amplifier (Discontinued)

Arcam’s design team features some of the most skilled engineers in the business, each dedicated to different areas of design. The A70 represents a balance of cutting edge electrical design and painstaking listening trials to ensure a truly unique level of insight into any recording.

  • 50 wpc continuous output into 8 ohms
  • Ultra short signal path with class leading fidelity
  • Sophisticated menu with text display
  • MM phono stage included
  • Massive toroidal transformer based power supply
  • Mask of Silence technology inc. “Stealth Mat”
  • Full function remote control

Arcam favours electronic user controls, avoiding the need to pass delicate audio signals through mechanical devices such as potentiometers and switches. Although more costly to implement, this technique allows a more faithful reproduction of the music by ensuring the shortest possible signal path and long term reliability. The A70 makes full use of this approach, a first for an entry level amplifier from Arcam.

Going above and beyond normal amplifier design, Arcam has utilised its proprietary “Mask of Silence” technologies with the A70. In particular, much use has been made of the “Stealth Mat” material normal found in the company’s premium FMJ range. This strategy, for reducing stray electromagnetic interference in combination with critical vibration damping, ensures every last ounce of performance is realised from the unit’s audiophile grade components. Gold plated RCA phono and speaker sockets complete what is a feature packed amplifier with stunning performance at the price.

Recognising that not all stereo systems operate in isolation, the A70 features both IR control and 12v trigger sockets for integration into bigger systems. Full remote control is enabled thorough the included handset.

Arcam’s dedication to getting right to the heart of a sonic performance has won them legions of fans and literally hundreds of awards.

The A70 was designed and manufcatured in the UK and available inblack or silver finish.

Technical spec

Pre-amplifier features

  • All electrical input switching for clean signal path and long term reliability
  • Studio grade volume control stage with +/- 0.05dB channel matching
  • Six line level inputs plus high quality MM phono input
  • Pre-amplifier outputs for bi-amping with Arcam power amplifiers (e.g. P90)
  • Separate line level output for second rooms etc.
  • Microprocessor control of input volume, balance etc.
  • User selectable extra features such as max volume, input trim etc.

Power amplifier features

  • 50wpc continuous power output (8ohms, two channels driven)
  • 100wpc continuous power output (4ohms, 1kHz, one channel driven)
  • Fully discrete transistor power amp stages with temperature compensation
  • Current feedback design ensuring wide bandwidth for high resolution audio
  • Two pairs of individually selectable gold plated speaker outputs
  • All DC coupled signal path for enhanced bass control

Power supply features

  • Massive toroidal mains transformer
  • User switchable between 115v and 230v mains supplies
  • Dual rectified power amp supplies for reduced ground noise
  • Separate smoothing per channel to reduce crosstalk
  • Independently rectified and regulated pre-amp power supply

General Features

  • Supplied with CR389 system remote control
  • All gold plated input / output connectors
  • Large, clear 10 character VFD display
  • Size – 430mm (17”) wide, 330mm (13”) deep, 85mm (3 ¾”) high
  • Weight 9kg (20lbs) nett, 10kg (22lbs) packed
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