DiVA A65 Plus Integrated Amplifier (Discontinued)

The A65 “Plus” amplifier benefits from improvements to both the output stage circuitry and the input coupling. This gives increased bandwidth and extended low frequency response. In addition, improvements to the transient response are achieved through better current delivery. The resulting amplifier sounds faster, more open and dynamic than its predecessor. The sound stage is more three-dimensional and the mid-range even more accurate.


The A65 Plus is a very flexible product. The quality of construction is impeccable, and the amplifier is a joy to use. The result of a dedicated and experienced team of engineers, it has been through a long and careful development process where all the components and circuit designs were refined during long and painstaking listening sessions. The solid state switching is immune to the wear and tear that affects mechanical switches. This makes long term performance more predictable and reliable compared with the more commonly used mechanical parts. Consistent performance over a long life is important to us and our customers. The parts we use are not over stressed and are designed for long term reliability.

The A65 Plus was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in silver of black finish.

Technical spec
  • 40wpc into 8ohms (both channels driven)
  • Bi-polar circuit design
  • SANKEN “Audio” output devices, Wima polypropylene and Silmic II capacitors
  • Remote controlled Electronic input selection using high quality pro-audio multiplexers
  • MM Phono stage fitted as standard
  • Separate regulated rails on each input stage of the power amp
  • Remote control
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