drDock (Discontinued)

iPhone / iPod / iPad Dock

The drDock pushes the performance boundaries of iPod docking offering greater connectivity, wider compatibility and even better sound through a direct digital connection to the docked device.


Thanks to an ingenious new physical format the drDock is able to accommodate iPads as well as iPods and iPhones allowing an even wider range of apps and services to benefit from Arcam's legendary sound quality.

The drDock's talents aren't just limited to audio. An HDMI video output allows you to playback your favourite films and TV programmes directly to your home TV. The drDock also comes with its own IR remote handset but can also be controlled by the
Arcam Solo neo and Solo mini music systems plus many Arcam AV amps via their handsets too.

Built in a discreet cast aluminium case and supplied with a full compliment of connection cables and accessories the drDock can be ready to play your favourite music in minutes. The drDock's USB connection also allows both syncing and charging of your device* while connected to a PC or Mac.

*Charging not available with iPad / PC combination but available with all others.

Technical spec
  • Digital dock for iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Stunning sound quality
  • Digital connectivity for audio and video
  • Full IR remote control (handset included)
  • HDMI Video output for TV connection
  • Control via Solo neo, Solo mini or Arcam AV Amps
  • Stylish cast aluminium caseCharges and syncs your device
With direct connections for video (HDMI) and audio (SPDIF) and, of course, Arcam's legendary sound quality, we can't think of better home for your favourite music player!
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