What can a dealer offer me?

Fri 17 Jan 2014

Putting together a system, whether audio visual (AV) or conventional 2-channel stereo, is not just a matter of lumping together apparently compatible components. The importance of a specialist retailer cannot be over emphasised and should be seen as the most important component of all. It's not that we intend to make purchasing Arcam equipment a difficult experience, far from it. We believe your long-term satisfaction is more important than any short-term convenience.

A good dealer will be able to offer advice on compatibility, demonstrate and even install your chosen system. In addition, they will ensure its optimum performance by carrying out the right setup. In our experience, a properly set up and calibrated system will enhance your enjoyment immensely. One that is incorrectly or inexpertly installed will not.

I like it in the dealer's demo room but will it sound the same in my house?

It is unlikely. Each listening room has its own sonic character and this will dramatically affect how the system will sound. Some dealers, in exchange for a reasonable deposit or credit card authorisation, will provide a home trial of equipment. Others offer satisfaction guarantees meaning equipment purchased can be exchanged for a limited amount of time if you’re not completely happy.

How do you make sure your dealers know what to recommend?

Arcam dealer's authorised dealers regularly attend Arcam's award-winning training courses to make sure their level of knowledge is second to none. In addition Arcam spends a great deal of time teaching for industry association training providers such as the Clarity Alliance and the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA).

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