Arcam at the Sydney Hi-Fi Show

Thu 01 Nov 2012

Arcam at the Sydney Hi-Fi Show

SYDNEY HI-FI SHOW - Here's Arcam's Andy Moore, demonstrating the new FMJ A19, the rBlink and the rPAC, all using the excellent Dynaudio Focus loudspeakers.

The room sounded great as Andy fell off the flight from London and then spent most of Thursday night tweaking the room and adjusting the speaker placement. Many show exhibitors never bother trying to make rooms sound good, we think it's rather important!

There were many positive comments about the overall sound and the rBlink just blew everyone away when they realised that the amazing sound was coming off a phone using Bluetooth.

Thanks Andy for all your jet-lagged hard work and many thanks to our Australian distributor, Syntec International.

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