ARCAM announces the immersive and musical AVR5

Wed 13 Oct 2021 | News

ARCAM announces the  immersive and musical AVR5

ARCAM'S new AVR decodes 12-channels of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, and is compatible with Dolby Vision up to 4K, Apple AirPlay2, Bluetooth aptX HD, Chromecast, MQA, and Roon

Today, ARCAM unveiled the AVR5, bringing the Cambridge maker's outstanding AVR performance to a new, lower price point. The AVR5 becomes the HDA range's entry-level receiver, easing in alongside its fellow Class AB AV receivers, the AVR10 and AVR20, and the range-topping G Class AVR30.

Since its 1976 launch, ARCAM has built a reputation for creating musical sounding products – its AV machines are as adept with soundtracks as they are with sound effects. The AVR5 maintains this philosophy, natively decoding 12 channels of immersive audio from Dolby Atmos (with upmixing from Dolby Surround) and DTS-X (with upmixing from DTS:Neural:X), delivering a musical and cinema-like experience from a 7.1.4 speaker array.

Compatible with Dolby Vision and HLG, the AVR5 is the perfect machine for those playing the latest content from the likes of Disney+ and Netflix, as well as the Xbox Series X/S and compatible Blu-ray players. The ARCAM receiver's HDMI sockets enable 4K HDR passthrough, with its eARC support making it possible for a suitably equipped TV to send back lossless audio. The AVR5, like all other current ARCAM AVRs, can be upgraded to support HDMI 2.1 for completely uncompressed 8K video on all inputs and outputs.

Pop the hood, and the ARCAM HDA range opener reveals first-class audio technology, including a brace of
ESS ES9026PRO DACs (as used in the AVR30). The ARCAM design team's implementation of this first-rate ESS HyperStream II DAC maximises the performance of this exceptional component, achieving exceptionally low noise. The bedrock to the AVR5's musicality is its seven ARCAM Class AB amplification channels, driven by a custom in-house designed linear supply fully capable of sustaining 1.5KW of total power consumption.

Ease of use is central to all ARCAM designs. AVR5 users can stream from smartphones and tablets using Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth aptX HD, Google Chromecast built-in, and Spotify Connect. The 2021-updated Harman MusicLife UPnP app enables playback and control of the AVR5 on Android and iOS and facilitates internet radio, music streaming, and podcast listening. The new ARCAM also fully supports MQA meaning TIDAL HiFi subscribers can experience the highest available audio quality from TIDAL Master recordings. And its Roon Ready status enables Roon members to use the system's acclaimed interface when surfing Qobuz, TIDAL, and locally stored music libraries. The AVR5 can also form part of a Roon-driven multi-room system, seeing it slot into even multi-brand home systems.

Additionally, ARCAM primes the AVR5 for Dirac Live, the world's leading room correction system. An optional extra, to activate the system, users should download the Dirac tuning tool to a Mac or PC and purchase a licence at For a limited time, AVR5 owners can benefit from a 50% discount available via ARCAM's website

"ARCAM understood that there was a strong requirement below the existing offering," said Nick Clarke, Senior Director, Global Engineering Luxury Audio. "The AVR5 perfectly meets this need by offering a comprehensive and configurable feature set along with the legendary sound quality ARCAM is well known for, allowing the end-user or installer to build a home cinema to be proud of." 

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