A (New) Kind of Blue! - The miniBlink by Arcam

Wed 09 Apr 2014

A (New) Kind of Blue! - The miniBlink by Arcam

Delivering affordable convenience and a sublime sound we're proud to announce the arrival of the new Arcam miniBlink, a Bluetooth receiver and DAC for all Bluetooth music devices.

If you have music on your phone, tablet or PC/MAC and want to hear it in its full glory on your stereo system then a Bluetooth connection delivers a convenient way to do it. Sadly though, sound quality can suffer, meaning music enthusiasts often end up reaching for a cable instead. That won’t be the case for owners of the new minBlink! Using AptX™ technology and Arcam’s years of audio engineering skills, the miniBlink combines ease of use with simply stunning sound quality. 

Much of the miniBlink’s internal workings have been taken from Arcam’s premium rBlink Bluetooth receiver, including internal components which have all been chosen for outright performance. The high-end Burr Brown 24 bit DAC used inside the miniBlink is a great example of this approach. 

The outside hasn’t been forgotten either. Its simple, elegant casework means that the miniBlink can be transported with ease or left in-situ by your home audio system without drawing attention to itself. It comes complete with a multi-voltage power supply including adaptors for UK, European, North American and Australian power sockets so it makes the ideal travelling companion too!

The result? Well, according to independent reviews at What Hi-Fi magazine the miniBlink sounds “buttery smooth, without sacrificing detail or losing its edge.”

Want the technical details? They're all available on the full miniBlink information sheet.

The miniBlink will be available shortly from all authorised Arcam outlets.

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