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Charlie's Blog - Our CES 2012

Tue 07 Feb 2012

Charlie's Blog - Our CES 2012

Arcam's MD Charlie Brennan reflects on this year's CES Show in Las Vegas and the company's new D33 SuperDAC...

It’s hard to believe I have spent more than six months of my life attending CES in Vegas. It’s a busy, upbeat show with huge crowds of people in taxi lines, and to survive and thrive there means finding the right mixture of jet lag and booze. After 30 shows, I think I’ve nailed it.

Arcam used this year’s CES to introduce the FMJ D33 SuperDAC to the world. This is an exceptional-sounding DAC that has been lovingly designed by a team of world-class engineers.

The world of digital audio streaming is gathering pace. Spotify has just passed the three million paid subscriber mark and lots of other services, such as Rhapsody/Napster, are growing fast. There is a whole new generation of music lovers growing up with little physical media on their shelves. Some weren’t even born when Arcam launched the world’s first outboard DAC, called The Black Box, in the late eighties.

Arcam D33 SuperDACThis is where the D33 comes in. There is already a proliferation of sources that you can use with it, such as computers, set-top boxes, DVD/BD players and audio streaming devices from the likes of Sonos and Logitech, as well as products from UK manufacturers such as Linn and Naim.

We wanted to ensure we had a state-of-the-art solution for all of these possible sources. We don’t mind where you get your digits from and believe the place to invest your money is in the DAC, as new sources like Smart TV and next-generation streaming solutions hit the market.

The D33 will transform the sound of music no matter where it comes from and no matter what bit rate is used. Play anything from iTunes to Spotify, from 256kbps MP3s to studio master quality 24-bit 192kHz audiophile downloads, and prepare for a pleasant surprise.

Initial feedback from key dealers around the world confirms that the D33 is something very special. Contact one of our specialist retailers and hear for yourself.