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Thu 01 Aug 2013


What is Bi-Amping?

Bi-Amping simply means driving the tweeter (high frequency) and woofer (low frequency) drivers in your speakers with separate amplifiers. This separates both current delivery and ground return paths. In addition, a much greater power reserve is available for treble frequencies. This results in a sound with more drive and clarity.

Can I Bi-Amp my speakers?

If your speakers have four or more terminals (normally arranged as a positive and negative terminal each for HF and LF) then yes.

My speakers only have two terminals, what can I do?

Although Bi-Amping is not possible, a more powerful integrated amplifier or pre-power combination may bring substantial benefits. Your dealer will be able to discuss options with you and offer a demonstration.

Can I use any power amp to Bi-Amp my Arcam integrated?

No. Successful Bi-Amping requires that the voltage gain of all power amplifiers used in the system is identical. All Arcam amplifiers share the same gain and therefore can be mixed and matched at will for Bi-Amping.

Note that both the FMJ P7 and DiVA P1000 seven channel power amps have user selectable gain. For Bi-Amping these should be set to "Arcam Gain" before being used in a Bi-Amp system. See the units’ product manual for further details.

How should I connect my system for Bi-Amping?

  1. Firstly, remove the linking bars from the back of your speakers. Normally these will consist of two metal bars or wires, one between the two positive terminals and another between the two negative ones.
  2. Next take an analogue interconnect cable and connect the "pre-amp outputs" of the integrated to the "power amp inputs" of the power amplifier taking care to keep the left and right polarity correct.
  3. Now take one set of conventional speaker cables (two plugs on each end) and connect the speaker’s terminals of the Integrated amp to the "HF" or "Treble" terminals or your speakers (one each, left and right).
  4. Now repeat step 3, connecting the Power amplifiers speaker terminals to the "LF" or "Bass" terminals of each speaker.
  5. Finally, switch on the system and enjoy your music!

Help, my speakers have six (or more) terminals?

Congratulations! You have speakers that have separate terminals for Bass, Middle & Treble or maybe more drivers. Bi-Amping, or even Tri-Amping is possible but is outside the scope of this FAQ. Please consult your dealer to discuss options.