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Arcam wow the crowds at CES 2011

Wed 12 Jan 2011

Arcam wow the crowds at CES 2011

Fresh from the Arcam development team was the wireless version of the popular rDac. The new rDac-FW adds KLEER technology to the rDac enabling high-resolution audio streaming from the rWave USB dongle for PC or Mac computers or the rWand for iPod and iPhone.

The rCube portable iPod dock was also a big feature of Arcam's booth being demonstrated in its piano black and new gloss white finishes. Operating in both single and multi-unit modes the rCube made many a visitor's jaw drop with its combination of huge sound, portability and diminutive size.

The rWave USB dongle and rWave iPod / iPhone add-on were also in use with the rCube. A game of "pass the rWand" soon ensued with visitors easily streaming their own music right from their iPhone to the rCube. Music variation was wide and "interesting"...

AVR400 at CES2011Also featured was the forthcoming AVR400 7.1 AV Receiver. Taking much from the ultra-high performance AVR500/600, the AVR400 promises a feature rich specification, discreet good looks and sublime sound at a more affordable price. Seven 90W amplifiers, 5 HDMI 1.4a inputs and high performance video processing are all included. Keep an eye on this site for more details soon!