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Arcam at CES - Day 2, “In the airDAC Tonight”

Wed 09 Jan 2013

Arcam at CES - Day 2,  “In the airDAC Tonight”

So, day one over, sore feet bathed and we’re fighting fit for day two! With both the Convention Centre and Venetian hotels packed with gadget hungry visitors CES 2013 is in full swing. The A19 is finding friends everywhere, playing luscious tunes in the Arcam demo room from a couple of exciting new sources. One of which is the new airDAC...

The Arcam airDAC is a perfect way to connect your Apple music device to any high quality music system using the Airplay system. Connecting to your home network by wired or wireless connections the airDAC will be the the first dedicated, audiophile Airplay DAC available.

As you might expect the airDAC has RCA analogue audio outputs with sublime sound quality, using a high-end DAC chipset from Texas Instruments and properly regulated, ultra low noise power supplies. But the airDAC also has another trick up it's sleeve, digital outputs in both Coaxial and Toslink formats. These allow connection to ultra high-end DACs like the D33 and open up a whole new raft of system possibilities for mobile music devices.

If you want the music from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to sound like real music, the airDAC is going to be high on your shopping list!

Tomorrow, another addition to the rSeries range that brings musical delight to a wide variety of your favorite music sources...

Arcam are exhibiting at suite 29-322 of the Venetian Hotel, as Vegas for the duration of the CES show which runs until Friday 11th.