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Arcam at CES - Day 1, A Quick Listen To The New A19 Amplifier

Tue 08 Jan 2013

Arcam at CES - Day 1, A Quick Listen To The New A19 Amplifier

As the 2013 CES opens the Las Vegas Convention Centre is already teaming with visitors clambering to grab a look at the next generation smartphones and TVs. Meanwhile the Venetian Hotel plays host the sublime sounds of the worlds best music systems.

As a perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of the main show floor, exhibits at the Venetian are a calmer more relaxed atmosphere with gentle (and not so gentle) music emanating from exhibit rooms and some staggering systems. Arcam is, as you might expect, right of the heart of the action and the new A19 Integrated Amplifier is already raising smiles.

Engineered with the sole purpose of musical enjoyment the A19 is a simple yet startling amplifier. Small in size (by high-end HiFi standards) yet powerful and with an amazing ability to get right to the heart of a musical performance. We can't think of a better way to start a busy show week than with a quick listen!

Tomorrow, news of an exciting addition to the rSeries range!

Arcam are exhibiting at suite 29-322 of the Venetian Hotel for the duration of the CES show which runs from today, 8th January to Friday 11th.