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HiFi World declares T32 Tuner "Best heard to date"!

Thu 26 February 2009 | Reviews and awards | Back to article list

It's not often that a HiFi reviewer scribes the words "best I've heard" but it looks like the FMJ T32 Tuner has got HiFi World's Steve Green excited enough to make just that claim.

In the April 09 issue of the magazine he writes "put simply, the Arcam T32 is the best DAB/FM tuner I have heard to date". Bold words but not without substantiation. He goes on to comment "its performance on FM was sensational...the tuner managed to squeeze out an incredible amount of detail".

Offering DAB/DAB+/FM/AM and Sirius satallite radio reception*, the T32 is on sale now and is available in either black or silver FMJ styling. Paired with the Arcam rDock the T32 offers full control of iPods and stunning sound quality.

*Sirius reception available in North America only and requires Sirius Home Connect module.

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