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Radio Tuner
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Having designed and manufactured radio tuners since the late 1970s Arcam has a wealth of experience in delivering high performance from radio broadcasts. The new FMJ T32 builds on this foundation, using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the very best radio quality from DAB, FM, AM and Sirius Satellite broadcasts (DAB and Sirius reception market dependent).

To ensure the very best sound quality the T32 uses Arcam’s audiophile methodology. For DAB, digital to analogue conversion uses the Wolfson 8740 from Arcam’s award winning DVD players. All circuitry is fed from a toroidal power transformer and multiple low noise regulated dc power supplies with components mounted on double-sided fibreglass PCBs. Station selection is via presets or the large front panel knob.  The large, clear VFD display has scrolling text and is easily read from any angle or in any light condition.

A bespoke iPod interface is also included in the T32 allowing full integration of compatible iPods with any high performance music system. Using the Arcam rDock or rLead full control of the iPod is delivered from the remote handset along with pristine audio quality.

In addition to its class-leading audio performance, the T32’s connectivity, control features and multi-platform reception are state of the art. If not connecting an iPod the RS232 control input make the T32 a perfect radio tuner for custom installations using Crestron or AMX style system controls. For simpler systems the unit features an IR jack input on the rear panel plus a fully featured system remote handset.

The T32 is the perfect partner for Arcam FMJ stereo and AV systems and is available in black or silver finish.

Technical specifications

Radio tuner compatibility

  • DAB (market dependent) with band III and L-band reception
  • DAB+ compatible for next-generation broadcasts (where available)
  • Discrete AM/FM tuner with switchable Europe/North America de-emphasis and tuning increments
  • Sirius-Ready for use with a SiriusConnectTM Home Tuner for receiving Sirius satellite radio (market dependent)

Digital to Analogue section

  • Audiophile-quality Wolfson 8740 DAC
  • Ultra high performance Burr Brown OPA2134 output op-amps


  • Two pairs of RCA phono outputs for multi room use or direct recording
  • Infra red control input (3.5mm jack)
  • RS232 control socket for rDock/rLead connection to iPod (with accompanying RCA phono input sockets) or for RS232 remote control

Power supply

  • Toroidal mains transformer
  • Separate, high capacity power supplies for analogue and digital sections
  • Switchable mains power inlet 110-120v / 220-240v


  • Supplied with CR90 system remote control
  • All gold plated output connectors
  • Large, clear 128x18 pixel VFD display
  • Size – 430mm (17") wide, 290mm (11.5") deep, 85mm (3.3") high
  • Weight 5.3kg (11.7lbs) nett, 6.8kg (15.0lbs) packed
The best DAB/FM tuner I have heard to date

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