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Power Amplifier
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The A38 and P38 design project had a simple goal; to develop the best stereo amplifiers Arcam had ever produced. The team looked deep into the basic structure of amplifier design and the result is an amplifier offering a remarkable improvement in fidelity.

The P38 features technologies which practically eliminate thermal modulation and ensure a level of performance that will captivate serious music lovers. New Sanken output devices and improved thermal coupling provide an extremely stable device temperature resulting in startling levels of realism.

The P38's massive toroid based power supply delivers effortless control of loudspeakers with a new low noise XQ core. When used in a pre/power combination with the C31 pre-amplifier the P38, produces a level of sound quality that will enthral all who listen from the keenest music lover to the most demanding audiophile. For a demonstration of the a38’s class leading performance visit your nearest Arcam dealer.

Technical specifications

Power amplifier features

  • 105wpc continuous power output (8ohms, both channels driven)
  • 200wpc continuous power output (4ohms, 1kHz, one channel driven)
  • Fully discrete transistor power amp stages with temperature compensation
  • Current feedback design ensuring wide bandwidth for high resolution audio
  • Two pairs of individually selectable gold plated speaker outputs
  • All DC coupled signal path for enhanced bass control
  • All new thermal management for exceptional sonic stability

Power supply features

  • Massive toroid mains transformer
  • User switchable between 115v and 230v mains supplies
  • Dual rectified power amp supplies for reduced ground noise
  • Separate smoothing per channel to reduce crosstalk
  • Independently rectified and regulated pre-amp power supplies

General Features

  • All gold plated input / output connectors
  • Size – 430mm (17") wide, 370mm (14") deep, 110mm (4.2") high
  • Weight 9.5kg (20.9lbs) nett, 12.5kg (27.5lbs) packed
Power and subtlety in equal, harmonious measure

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