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FMJ AV9 Preamp Processor (Discontinued)

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FMJ AV9 Preamp Processor

  • 5 HDMI inputs to 1 HDMI output digital video switch
  • Lucas Film THX Ultra 2 specified
  • THX Surround EX 7.1 channels
  • Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS, DTS ES, DTS 6.1 discrete, DTS NEO, DTS 6.1
  • DVD-A / SACD multichannel 8-way input
  • Zone 2 Audio and Video, with independent On-Screen Display
  • 3 Component inputs with On-Screen Display (Up to 1080P HDTV without OSD)
  • Lip Sync delay up to 200ms for de-interlacer / frame scaler
  • Software upgradeable via RS232 interface
  • Acousteel damping, constrained layer case construction
  • ½ dB speaker trims and 10cm / 4 inch delay settings for a more accurate sound stage

When ARCAM introduced its award-winning AV8 processor, it established a new class of performance providing the ultimate in quality sound and video delivery in one unit, attributes confirmed by experts around the world. Furthermore, it delivered the processing and switching requirements even the most demanding AV enthusiasts and Custom Installers required.

The AV9 built on the high standards set by the AV8 and adds key technologies that have emerged in recent months. Arcam was one of the first companies in the world to introduce the HDMI digital video output on its DVD players and continues to be at the forefront of this technology. With HDMI being accepted by the world’s major broadcasters for High-Definition TV, the need for switching of these high-speed signals is paramount. The AV9 is equipped with a 5-way HDMI switch to ensure its integration with high definition devices such as DVD players, set top TV boxes and next generation game consoles.

To ensure the performance potential is fully realised, the AV9 features high precision setup options. Both speaker level and delay settings allow correct calibration for the very highest performance.

The introduction of the AV9, a true reference quality product, ensured that Arcam remained at the forefront of high performance home cinema. The AV9 was designed and manufactured in the UK and was available in black and silver.

Technical specifications

System features

  • High quality full analog stereo bypass
  • High quality DVD-A / SACD 8 channel analog input
  • digital effect modes
  • 5 x nameable presets, each store complete system setup
  • Upgradeable modular design
  • Universal supply voltage 85V-265V
  • Very low noise, semi resonant, audio clock synchronized, switched mode PSU. + Independent fully resonant supply for the HDMI circuits

Control features

  • RS232 control of all commands
  • Software upgradeable via RS232
  • RC5 remote jack input for main zone
  • RC5 remote jack input for Zone 2
  • Separate RC5 on, off, mute, un-mute commands
  • Selectable RC5 system codes 16 or 19 for each zone
  • Output of all received IR via cable or IR blinker, to control source components
  • 12V current limited 100mA trigger outputs for main and zone 2

Audio inputs and outputs

  • 2-8x analog stereo inputs
  • 8x channel DVD-A / SACD input
  • Headphones output for main or zone 2
  • 8x channel main output + 3 sub outputs
  • 7x digital inputs, re-assignable 5x coaxial, 2x optical
  • 1x digital output, coaxial
  • Optional MM,MC phono stage

Video inputs and outputs

  • 5 HDMI 1080P compatible inputs to 1 HDMI ouput. Will pass all audio and video HDMI standards
  • 1x HDMI video output
  • 5x Composite inputs
  • 4x Composite outputs (2x monitor, 1x Zone 2 composite output, 1x VCR composite output)
  • 5x S-video inputs (2x S-video output, 1x monitor, 1x S-Video VCR composite output)
  • 3x Component inputs, HDTV / progressive scan compatible
  • 1x Component output, HDTV / progressive scan compatible


  • Supplied with back-lit CR80 learning remote control with support for up to 7 other components
  • Large, clear 12 character dimmable VFD front panel display
  • Ground lift switch
  • Size – 430mm wide, 360mm deep, 130mm high
  • Weight (net) 9kg

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