DiVA DV78 DVD Player (Discontinued)

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DiVA DV78 DVD Player

The quality of components is identical to those used in our more expensive models, the DiVA DV88 Plus DVD player and DiVA DV89 DVD-Audio player. What changed was simplified construction and assembly techniques, which substantially reduced build and test times. The player came equipped with a new remote control as well as a new navigation button.

The DV78 supports both interlaced and progressive video including 625p PAL progressive scan and has an exceptionally high level of video performance, delivering film-like clarity, depth and smoothness from even poorly coded DVDs. The video performance is extraordinary; the stability and sharpness of the picture is immediately impressive. The player uses parts and techniques more commonly seen in sophisticated/specialist broadcast equipment to great effect.

Special attention has been paid to sound quality and particularly to CD replay via the analogue outputs – an area where nearly all DVD players fall short of audiophiles’ expectations. On music from CD or DVD, the DV78 will not disappoint. Responding to user feedback from previous models, a new remote handset - the CR415 - was designed. This features a clearly logical layout with highly legible buttons and key controls colour-coded to provide fast and intuitive access to all DV78 functions.

For those times when the remote is not to hand, the new navigation fascia button on the front panel of the DVD player allows direct access to the DV78's set-up menu and disc menus, allowing any DVD to be navigated directly from the player's front panel.

The DV78 was designed and manufactred in the UK and available in silver or black finish.

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