DiVA CD 192 CD Player (Discontinued)

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DiVA CD 192 CD Player

Using the design philosophy from Arcam’s highest performing player, the FMJ CD33T, the CD192 features upsampling technology*. By converting the standard CD digital audio to the high sample rates and bit depths used by DVD-Audio, some of the sound quality benefits of this more advanced disc format can now be realized in a standard CD player. Four Wolfson WM8740 DACs convert the digital data back to the analogue domain, the multiple DACs averaging out any errors that may be present in individual DAC ICs.

Finally a DC coupled output stage and extremely accurate ultra-low jitter clocking system ensure a sound quality that is truly remarkable from a conventional CD and sensational at this price.

The employed upsampling and DAC techniques effectively “upgrade” your CD collection offering more detail, greater imaging and an overall more emotional portrayal of the music.

The CD192 was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in black or silver finishes.

Technical specifications

  • 24/192 upsampling CD player
  • 4 x Wolfson WM8740 DACs per channel
  • high stability 3rd overtone clock
  • DC coupled output stage
  • ultra-low noise 4-layer DAC PCB
  • CD Text, CD-R and CD-RW compatible
  • IR and 12v control inputs
  • toroid transformer PSU
  • stunning sound quality

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