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Music as therapy

Mon 20 Apr 2009

Music as therapy

For many of us music is a simple therapy. A good musical performance can transport you from everyday’s woes to a different place, a different time even. The plethora of remakes, covers and oldie box sets on offer is clear proof that music is not just about the “now” but about stirring memories of happier, or even sadder times. But for some, music has gained a greater importance as part of treatment for a disabilitiy or medical condition.
Music therapy as we know it today was born the mid 1940’s in Michigan, and soon after was available as a subject for graduate study at the University of Kansas. Music is exploited as a therapeutic aid for a wide array of conditions, from physical rehabilitation including motor skills, and psychiatry. Its positive effects for patients can be dramatic.

Several worthy causes work in the field and take part in fund raising for music therapy, the Nordoff Robbins trust being perhaps the most well known.  Their work is far reaching and worthy of support. If you would like to share your own passion for music with those needing its healing powers you may like to consider donating to this worthy cause.