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iPad 3 – A Perfect Partner for the drDock!

Tue 20 March 2012 | Arcam blog | Back to article list

The tablet that everyone’s been waiting for (or at least it seems that way…) is now out. iPad3 or simply “iPad” as it’s properly known, went on sale last week and the Arcam development team were at the front of the queue.

Now you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re Apple mad in the Arcam design office looking at how much attention they lavish on Arcam docks to make your iDevices sound just as good as they can. But their reason for camping out for the first of the iPads we quite different… to make sure it all worked correctly with the new drDock!

The drDock is Arcam’s first docking station to accommodate the iPad format and the good news is that they go together just beautifully. You don’t have to rush out for the new iPad to get the best tablet music experience though, the drDock is just as happy with the first and second generations too.

Why not speak to your local Arcam dealer about the serious audio and video performance the drDock can unleash from your favorite iPad?

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