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Four mad things to do with an iPad

Fri 09 Apr 2010

Four mad things to do with an iPad

You would have to be a pretty hardcore media abstainer to have avoided the massive hype created by Apple's latest innovation - the iPad. In essence the iPad is a mid way offering between a smart phone and laptop and was launched with the intention that it would provide a highly mobile way of accessing the internet, music, ebooks, films and countless other smaller "apps" or applications.

Even though the iPad has been shipping for less than a week in the USA (the rest of the world have to wait until May or later) there have been no shortage of folk finding more "left field" uses for Apple's newest and shiniest of gadgets. For fun here are a few for your amusement:

(Please don't try these at home!)

Inside the iPad - Tech Republic take one to bits

The iPad as a car dashboard entertainment centre

iPad tested by a two year old

Can you "blend" an iPad?