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FMJ T32 Tuner offers next generation radio

Mon 16 February 2009 | Arcam blog | Back to article list

With the launch of the FMJ T32 Tuner Arcam have brought together a whole host of radio options together with full iPod connectivity and control. Offering DAB/FM/AM radio reception (DAB market dependant) plus an input for Sirius "Home Connect" modules for North American customers the T32 is perhaps the best specified radio tuner ever designed.

DAB equipped versions of the T32 come with DAB+ reception as standard. DAB+ offers higher quality audio using the more advanced AAC+ coding systems for stations which use the new standards. Many commentators see this as an important step forward in sound quality for digital radio.

To complete the line-up the T32 also offers seamless integration with iPods using the Arcam rDock. Simply connecting the rDock to the T32 allows the T32 remote handset to take over control of the iPod and offer superb sound quality for iPod playback through a normal separates HiFi or AV system.

The T32 Tuner is available now.

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